They made it to a relatively upscale hotel in the next town over from the Crater Formerly Known As Sunnydale in plenty of time to get checked in before the sun rose. The clerk didn’t bat an eye as they registered one large suite for the three of them. The scruffy clothes on the short blonde gentleman may have cause a slight sneer to start to form on the clerks face, but the Platinum Visa© the taller, dark haired young gentleman placed silently on the counter went a long way to smooth things along. The older, brown haired man never spoke or even seemed to move, keeping his eyes on his companions during the entire transaction. And if the suite only had one bedroom, with only one, albeit exceedingly large, bed, well what business was it of his anyway, was the clerks only thought on the matter.

They had stopped at the first liquor store they had come across so that Spike could stock up on enough Jack Daniels to ‘drown out the broody thoughts’ of the others. With liquor bags in hand, he followed the bellboy as he led them to their room. Xander could run down later and get their bags if they really needed them. He really didn’t want to stay any longer in this part of the country than they needed to. As he had once told a particularly ditzy blonde; Sunnydale had been witness to some spectacular kickings of his ass and he had hated it with an unending passion only the undead are quite capable of. He looked back over his shoulder at the other two, and had to admit that Sunnydale had given him something. His mates. And wasn’t that a kick in the head? Himself, William the Bloody, mated to not one, but two men. Oh, it wasn’t the male part of the equation that astounded him, no, Angelus had cured him of that right quick. No, it was who they were, The Watcher and The Donut Boy. Spike snorted to himself, watching the others vampire proof the suite, just in case. He of all people in the world knew that these two men were so much more than met the eye. Dear god…who was being the broody git now? He shook off the cloud of his thoughts as he shed his duster, throwing it over a chair and reaching for the bag and the amber goodness it promised. "Anyone want a drink?"

"Yes please," was whispered in his ear as a cool presence molded itself to his back and a sharp canine nipped his earlobe, pinching but not breaking the skin.

Spike snorted softly, tilting his head just a little, not really baring his neck just giving his taller lover more room to work. "Ah, someone’s hungry."

"That too." Came the muffled reply. Spike laughed and turned in Giles’s arms looking up into eyes that still had a tendency to flash gold without their owner’s knowledge. "I see, it’s that way is it." Giles didn’t answer, simply gazing into his sire’s eyes with an intoxicating mixture of humor and longing. Xander had come over to them, and now leaned back against the table they stood next to, an indulgent smile on his face, but the longing and desire was prominent in his dark eyes also. Spike grinned. "Well, what’ll it be then, pet? Vintage Sire, aged to perfection, or younger, but still full-bodied and quite flavorful Consort?"

"I can't have both?"

Xander laughed low in his throat and if the laugh was more husky than carefree, well, he'd never been very carefree. Growing up on a Hellmouth with parents like his and then being friends with the likes of Slayers, Witches and Vampires (oh my), didn't make one free of much care at all.

"Greedy, greedy vamp." Xander intoned, shaking his head in mock sadness as he moved closer to the two vampires. He wormed his way between them, reveling in the feel of the two bodies that immediately molded to his. In each mind, swirling together with the thoughts of 'love need blood fuck love' was the knowledge that no exhaustion would keep the nightmares away when they finally fell asleep.


Beyond The End: Chapter Two





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