Bliss Took Hold 4
by Danielle



“You gonna get up or do I have to undress you myself?” The events earlier aside, Spike could have sworn that his threat would get the boy moving. Instead, a fresh wave of arousal flew from the boy, and the vampire heaved his patented put upon sigh. In one swift motion, he pulled the tropical patterned shirt over Xander’s head. He eyed the long-sleeved yellow shirt before yanking that off as well. Then he proceeded to unbutton the boy’s loose jeans.  A sharp gasp sounded from Xander when Spike expertly unclasped the boy’s jeans and started to stand him up.

“I’d be embarrassed if it weren’t for the fact that I don’t think I can stand up on my own…” the human began. He looped his arms around the alabaster shoulders and let Spike support his weight as both stood. The unbuttoned pants fell to the floor. Spike removed his left hand from the human’s waist to unfasten his own button fly.

“S’ok, pet. I can hold you like… this.” Spike cursed his unsteady voice as his hand brushed the very taut cotton fabric that was Xander’s erection. He knew those huge brown eyes were swallowing him and the heartfelt look seemed stuck on his own face.  Whatever this was, the vampire was sure that he’d do something to bollocks it up.

His hand started moving after an undeterminable amount of time had passed. In the silent tiled room, Xander just continued to explore his face, and Spike deftly undid his pants, letting them drop to the floor. Unlike the boy, he had gone commando.  Without preamble, he took hold of Xander’s boxers and pushed them down.  As if in a dance, they stepped out of the pile of clothes. 

“I hope you like your baths hot, luv,” the blonde warned as he maneuvered them under the showerhead. Two quick spins of the worn metal knob and the water was blasting them both at full power.

“AAAAaah! Too hot!”

Spike struggled to adjust the power and temperature as the boy pitifully hugged against him. He winced when he saw the red mark on the fragile human’s shoulder. He felt so guilty that he simply hugged Xander and apologized over and over.

Shower at a hot but manageable level, the two remained embraced beneath the soothing water. //What the bleeding hell am I supposed to do now?// Spike’s mind raced as his body enjoyed the slick warm flesh that was Xander Harris. He gasped as the human’s cock brushed his own, flesh-to-flesh. 

“Xander?” Spike pulled away just a bit so he could really see him. In the spiraling steam motes, he could see a touch of pink colouring the boy’s face. The dark locks clung to the young Scooby’s face and head, and rivulets of water coursed down his smooth face and enticing neck. His eyes followed the path the drops were taking, over the clavicle and between tan work-honed pecs down to--

“Mmm, yeah?” Xander’s voice brought the horny vamp’s attention back to the conversation.

 Spike tilted his head to one side.  “What are we doing?” This was it. This was when everything went to hell, right?

“I-- I’m not sure. But it’s definitely of the good. I think this is one of those things where if we think about it too much, we’ll both get too wigged. It’s better just to quit while we’re ahead though.” As Xander breezily chattered, he tilted his head up, inviting the vampire to kiss him.

“You mean before one of us runs out of here screaming, then?” Spike reasoned as he longed for those lips, resisting until he was sure of what the Scooby wanted.

“Yeah, because it’s not like I shower with every vampire who saves me, you know. I don’t do naked in front of, well, anybody,” Xander softly quipped from underneath smoky eyelashes as he got that look on his face. The dreamy half-lidded look that comes right before a first kiss. 

“Right, wouldn’t want to corrupt the innocent White Knight, now would we?” Spike sniped with absolutely zero venom. He felt himself drawn to those lips. It was like a magnetic pull.

 “Besides…I’m not…into…guys--” Xander disconnectedly snarked back. He had a dazed look in his eye. They were getting closer and closer, stalling only to let the other one back out.

“--Could’a fooled me--” Spike answered distractedly. The tension building between the two was almost visible. He could feel it crackling in the air around them like electricity. They were barely touching lips now, only a breath away from each other.

“--Much less a vampire--“ The human murmured unconvincingly as his lips brushed the vampire’s. The contact was searing and fleeting. Just a little closer and they’d be kissing.  This was the token resistance they were both making a show of.  Just in case the other one freaked out.

Spike could feel the heat coming off of Xander’s lips. His mind turned to mush.  “--Humans, ick--“ and now Spike couldn’t resist.

Their lips met, pressing as the naked pair pulled closer to each other. Spike’s hands traveled over the boy’s muscled back and up his neck. Xander gripped the vampire’s hips and ground into him, seeking entrance to Spike’s mouth with his tongue. Spike groaned and let the boy in, his own tongue exploring Xander’s mouth with equal intensity. The thrust and grind of their pelvises shot tingles through Spike’s body as he and Xander gasped and groaned. The two columns of silky, rigid flesh trapped between the two of them slid against each other and Spike’s hand lowered to grasp Xander’s cock.

In the thickening steam, Spike watched the human’s reaction as his hand slid around Xander’s manhood. The boy moaned, eyes half--lidded and jaw slack with bliss.

The blonde began to pump gently, dipping his head down to the crook of Xander’s neck to suck and nibble. The human’s hold around him tightened considerably and Spike could feel nails dragging across his back, sending waves of pleasure crashing through him. All this heat permeating him was intoxicating to Spike. His lips made their way to Xander’s ear nibbling and kissing. He increased his rhythm on the boy, adding a twist of the wrist at the end of each stroke to get more of a reaction.

“Want this, Xan?” he breathed into his human’s ear and traced his right fingertip down the boy’s spine. A shaky nod, a whimper and frantic thrusting of hips were his answer as his fingers traced Xander’s buttock. He gave a healthy squeeze and nuzzled into Xander’s pulse point, nipping and sucking hard. The demon had not come out, but this would definitely leave a mark. He felt the hot ragged breaths intensify and continued working the boy over until he was right on the edge.

He morphed into the demon and leaned in to look at the series of hickeys he’d made on the human’s neck. He delicately touched the fangs to the hot, reddened skin.  That small sensation on the over stimulated skin was enough. Xander quivered under him and in no time was undulating in his hands, coming hard. The hot ribbons struck Spike’s belly and were rinsed off by the water raining down on them.

He collapsed into the vampire’s arms then, and both lowered to the slick tile floor.

“As soon as I can find the energy, I’m gonna thank you for that.” Xander looked affectionately at Spike and smiled.

“You know how long it’s been since I held anyone like this, luv?” Spike said absently as he brushed a brown lock from the boy’s face. “And I can’t even remember the last time I was warm.” He settled with his back against the wall and Xander beside him. The two were cuddling gently, aware that the human was not up to much else. Spike draped his arm protectively around his naked man. Some time in the strange, strange night, he’d come to think of the youth as his. This little revelation proved to be both frightening and exhilarating.

“I know. I heard you talking to yourself in the cemetery. How lonely it is without a family. I get that.”

Spike tensed.   “You heard that? I-- It sometimes makes me feel better to rant. Things haven’t been well with me, pet.” The vampire sighed and pulled the human closer. The spray of the shower was just missing them in their steamy haven on the slippery floor. The air around them was warm, comforting, and Spike tilted his head to look at the boy. Something inside him shifted then. He decided that he could trust this human.

“That bloody chip left me a freak. This is the best I’ve felt in a very long time. Something’s…different about you. You’re sweet, and open, and I can’t stop touching you.” The vampire grinned impishly: a real smile.  Xander’s huge soulful eyes peered up at him in the steam, and Spike dipped his head down for a kiss. They pulled away from each other, dazed.

“I don’t know why I don’t hate you right now, Spike. It’s like I’m seeing you for the first time without--without all the hang-ups that stop me from trying to get to know you.  Now I’m sorry we didn’t do this earlier….”

“Not that I’m complaining, luv, but are you sure nothing’s wrong? You’ve usually got this fire in you that irritates the hell out of me, but it’s part of what I admire about you. You shook like a leaf when those wankers threatened us earlier. Where’d the Scooby go?”

“I wish I knew, ‘cause it’s scary. Like I’m not in control. But I feel free and I’m with you. I guess that’s all that matters for the moment.”

Spike let the evasive tactic slide as he cuddled his boy. He was too giddy and elated to worry or dwell on anything.







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