Bliss Took Hold 5
by Danielle


“Uh, speaking of moments, we need to get a move on if we’re gonna beat sunrise.” In a second, the vampire was on his knees and crawling toward the soap bag.

Xander gawked, feeling a bit like he was in a dream.

Bloodthirsty, evil-dead was scrambling along the tiles for the pink, slippery soap bag. It was a silly kid-like thing, splashing carelessly and not caring that he was baring all, as it were. The vampire turned back to see Xander staring at the very shiny white bum he’d threatened barely a year ago. 

“How can you be so cute and so sexy at the same time?” Xander mused aloud.

“Just lucky I guess,” Spike purred as he sidled over to the human and morphed into his demon visage.

“As long as you’re humble about it.” The human gazed at the ridges, wondering why they didn’t bother him like they usually did.

“Bugger that!” the blonde teased as he tore the soap bag with his fangs.

Again, Xander was reminded of blood bags. Instead of the image being disturbing, it was kind of a turn-on. Xander pulled his knees up and sat relaxed against the wall.

“Ooh, scary vampire killed the evil bag of soap…doesn’t that taste bad?” He gazed up at the wicked look the vamp was giving him-- and an alarm sounded in his head. Spike perched next to him, on his knees and sighed innocently, but Xander knew he was up to something.

“It’s not like I’m drinking it, Xan. But you can have some if you like!” With that, he poured half the bag onto Xander’s chest and arm. Freezing cold gel pelted him, and the human let out an unmanly squeal.

The devious vampire giggled //and what a carefree, hearty thing his laughter was// as the human smeared soap on him in retaliation. Both skittered around the floor, laughing like idiots. Spike held the plastic just out of reach, and the two of them were sudsy and panting in seconds.

“That was just wrong,” the giggling human said as he mussed Spike’s hair. It was tussled and curling from the water and wrestling.

“What do I keep telling you? I’m evil!” The bubbles were building fast and Spike scooped up more soap and quickly scrubbed himself down. He ran his hands over the sculpted body in front of him, and Xander groaned as he showed certain nether regions more attention.  The two kissed deeply as they continued petting. The froth kept building, and Xander stopped Spike’s actions long enough to ask, “Um, how much soap did you use?”

“Just a bag in here, luv, and a few spilled in the next stall, why?”

Xander gestured to the flood of bubbles surrounding them.  Spike went to peek next door, but nearly slipped on the sudsy water covering the floor. He returned sheepishly after turning off the shower next door. He was covered in suds from the knees down.

“Sodding bag blocked the drain! And, uh, as you can see: bubbles!” He grinned like a child as he hoisted Xander up.  The two rescrubbed as they groped and rinsed quickly. Two towels were brought in by Spike and they dried in silence.

“My car’s out back and I have extra clothes there. Just bring your shoes--I don’t fancy hauling clothes that smell like death.” Spike waggled an eyebrow at him as they ran hands along each other.

Wrapped in towels, the damp pair carried their shoes to the front of the Recreation Center. Spike’s jacket now just smelled flowery, and Xander closed his eyes and shook his head when he saw the violated soap dispenser and ruptured bags in the shower room.  The vampire’s DeSoto lurked at the back of the parking lot around the building, and Spike popped the trunk to pull out clothes.

Xander found himself with a grayish-black t-shirt and black jeans in his hands. He hurriedly dressed, fumbling with the buttons on the pants. Jeez! These were tight! How did Spike--

“Mmmm, should dress like that more often, luv…” Spike purred in his ear and Xander melted. The thing about vampires is they have that whole sneak-up-on-you quality that never ceased to catch Xander off guard. Spike spun him around and kissed him thoroughly. Xander groaned into his mouth and tightened his hold.

“I can’t get close enough to you, you know that?” the human whispered, fluttering against Spike’s lips as he spoke, “It’s like I want to curl up inside your skin and live there and… Wow, that sounded gross!”

That pulled a low, purring chuckle from the blonde. 

“You know just how to sweet talk a vampire…if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to get into my knickers,” Spike teased gently as he sucked the enflamed mark on Xander’s neck.

Xander shuttered and they leaned on the car door.  “It’s still dark…how much time do we have?” Xander gasped as he gripped Spike’s buttocks, rubbing against Spike’s hardness.


“Fifteen minutes -- we’ll have to go straight to the crypt. We can have us a snog then…” Spike reluctantly pulled himself away from the human. Xander stood awkwardly, pants and shirt seeming to be painted on. It accentuated the muscles in his arms, his chest, and the prominent bulge that drove Spike mad.

He bounded to the car and started it quickly, having chucked his jacket in the cluttered backseat to allow room for Xan. The boy was a vision. Spike’s eyes crawled over him once more as they got situated and he started the vehicle.

“This is so … new,” Xander observed over the roar of the DeSoto’s engine. They careened through side streets, racing the dawn, and the human clutched the seat nervously.

“What is, luv?” asked the Zen-like vampire as he jerked the steering wheel, squealing tires.

“You. Happy. It reminds me of a kid on a sugar binge!” Spike turned toward him, ignoring the road altogether.

“I’d have the decency to be offended by that if Dru hadn’t called me on it about a century ago.” Spike met Xander’s eyes and looked bashful. “She said I became ‘light as air and danced like a moth in a web’ when bliss took hold of me. That’s Dru-speak for hyper. It seldom happens though, me bein’ happy.” He shot a cursory glance at the road as he cut off a slow driver and blast through the open cemetery gates.

Xander held his breath as they slid into Spike’s parking spot.

“Well, let’s get inside and we’ll fix that, okay?” The sky was getting foggy, the milky blue-purple that rings in sunrise, so both hurried out to Spike’s crypt and burst through the doors.  Spike held Xander’s hand and maneuvered around the tombs and wreckage to the hatch that led to the lower level.

“In case you forgot, I can’t see in the dark.  Is there a way to do this where I won’t comically run into the furniture?” Xander groused. 







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