Bliss Took Hold 18
by Danielle


//Hot, smooth, tight feels so good//... Sensations swallowing him whole, Spike was crushed beneath a pleasurable, jostling weight. His senses were overloading. Heat blazed through his face and chest, and a delicious wet tightness surrounded his cock.


Delirious with bliss, he registered that his hand was doing something, but whatever. Everything felt like an orgasm waiting to happen. He used his other hand to caress the searing stretch of torso touching his. A tidal wave of rapture came over him, and he clenched, smelling blood as he scratched the skin in his passion.


Ripples of pleasure racked through his body, which seemed to have no beginning and no end. Once in a while, stinging tingles would zip across his flesh, and he moaned, reveling in it.


//What is that sound? Donít care, donít care.//  Moans filled the air, so distant that he had trouble making them out. He was floating in and out of cohesive thought-- //but this was such a happy place...//


There was damp burning skin above him, and the vibrations coursed through his system. He tasted something, but all the nice friction on his rigid cock was distracting him. His climax was gathering in a warm, serpentine swirl in his stomach, and Spike moaned around whatever he was tasting...




//Oh dear God! Iíve never felt--// And the thought was scattered to a million sparkling pieces as *it* happened again. Hazy, filmy feelings wafted through and around Xander. Some kind of motion was involved here, and he thought he might be causing part of it, but--


--And there it went again. Something soothing and cool writhed under him, and there was a pulling sensation coming from... //where was that again?//  Slippery suction coming from all directions, and he didnít mind one bit. The human couldnít gather an idea together amidst the tactile assault that incapacitated him.


Blurred sensations of kissing? Sucking? wasnít clear...


Rumbles and purrs echoed around, through, over him and he never wanted it to end. Cool ... something... on his back soothed his fevered skin, but something was nudging the top of his head. And that was okay. Because he was okay. The ecstasy fluttering over him was taking him higher and he couldnít stop...


//Mmmm, coolness above...coolness below...// There was something off about it, but his second or third orgasm was close and the stars closed in on him again.




//Full, smooth, hot, soft, harder, harder, harder!// Growling and scratching, Angelus kept up his motions. Sight was beyond him, but he knew he was experiencing something he never had before.


He clawed, he bit, indulging the demonís long repressed savagery in short bursts...then groping and caressing and lost in the lust that had been unfulfilled for what seemed like an eternity.


Something boiling hot and oh so good was wrapped around him, and a new feeling of being taken was upon him. Driving at him...//Harder, harder, harder!// He felt a twinge of something...the new feeling of being impaled by something cool and never wanting it to leave.


Angelus desperately wanted to escape so he could make the human race pay in blood and painóbut then there was this unbelievable heat on his cock that trapped him there in his ecstasy.


Dual sensations enfolded his body, and he moaned against his will, stifling it with a growl. He loathed being out of control, but it was so tempting to sink into this perfect wonderful... //Where was I? Mmm..feels good...No! Must break free! Right after...Ahhhh//








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