Bliss Took Hold 19
by Danielle


Spike muddled through sleep fog and at first he thought that the cat had fallen asleep on him again. //Nope, too heavy to be the cat// He turned his head and got an eyeful of Xander-thigh. The boy was laying half-on, half-off of him, using his abdomen as a pillow. //How did we get to the bedroom?//


He’d wanted this for so long, but recalling what happened clearly would be nice. Spike could remember small, blurry bits of sexual abandon, and he clung to each memory.


The blonde raised his head a bit and noticed his non-clothed sire on his other side, legs entangled with his own.


“What the fuck?” he whispered as he tried to remember where arguing with the whelp had turned into this.




//That is the last time I eat chili cheese fries before bed!// Xander had just had the strangest dream... all disconnected and sexy and hallucinogenic. He opened his eyes to see a pale six-pack of a stomach. //Not a dream then—how the hell did I get here?//


He pushed himself off of the body and looked down at Spike’s drowsy blue eyes. He realized right then that this was as it should be.


“Spike, I--we need to talk. I don’t know what just happened, but I don’t regret it. Can we just be together? For real? Like we were that first night. This--” He looked around and did a double take at the *other* naked vampire and slapped his forehead.


“*How* does this keep happening?! Am I really *that big* of a demon magnet?!” He looked up and yelled melodramatically at the ceiling.


“How do you think I feel, mate? It takes a spell or a potion or getting shot or a few beers for you to be remotely interested in me and this time I don’t even remember everything!” The blonde vampire sat up, running his fingers through his own tangle of curled, messed-up hair.


“What? How did we? Ah no! The vials!” Angel was adrift in a sea of confusion and shock. He sat up and pulled his knees to his chest, pointing to the broken glass across the room.


“I knew it! You don’t want me unless you’re not thinking straight! Did this dance for *years* with Dru and it nearly killed me--well, *no more*!” Spike got up and picked up his duster, making a face when he saw it had yellow guck on it. He sauntered to the bathroom around the corner and tossed it in the sink. It fell with a muffled tinkling sound.


“It figures, I finally get laid and I can’t remember it...” Angel shook his head and looked down, brooding.


“What is this all over me?” Xander looked down at the bites and scratches covering his body. The main ones were around his thighs, and he was fighting the tingly pleasure/pain pulsing from each. He had criss-cross patterns of scratches across his shoulders, back, buttocks and legs. The most livid were the hickeys and bites, and he gasped at the handprint-shaped bruises on his hips and biceps.


“Welcome to the world of vampire sex, boy—lucky you’re still alive!” The younger vampire’s voice echoed through the house from the kitchen. “Guess in the moment, Peaches forgot you were just a human!”


“I didn’t do those...” The older vampire pointed at the human’s groin as he stood up, brushing off his own naked form. “I’d know his bites anywhere. Mine are the ones on your forearm--sorry. I’m going to clean up. We need to get back to the others.”


Spike returned to the room, a bottle of Scotch in hand.


“We’re not doing this again, whelp.” He took a swig and picked at the shredded pile of clothes. “Well, these are bloody useless—what was Peaches doing with lube? It’s not like this happens a lot...” He held up the open tube of lube, shaking his head.


“No, I meant what I said!  Really, no more being Unsure Guy...Just—give me a minute to process having done something with Angel here, okay?” Spike’s anger had stung the human, but he wasn’t going to drop it. “They just keep multiplying! First Spike, now Deadboy *and* Spike!” 


Spike was on him before he had registered that the vampire had moved. He was pushed on to the bed.


“One good thing came of this...” the vampire purred into his ear and Xander couldn’t hide the erection pressed against Spike’s hip. “... I found out that I can do things to you...” He changed into game face and nipped the human’s neck, breaking skin and lapping up the blood before continuing, “If you want it.”


“S-spiike...” Xander couldn’t help the moan, or the sudden jerk of his hips as Spike bit him, then licked. He wanted this too badly, too much. “ everything...”


“Sure you’re not under some spell, now?” Spike’s voice was hesitant, but the way he spread Xander’s legs and slithered between them wasn’t.


“No spell! Please!” Their cocks were touching now, silk-wrapped steel rubbing against each other. The blonde’s hand crept down to cup the human’s soft sac, squeezing once to make Xander whimper for more. His fingers slid further down and Xander felt an electric surge rush through his system.


“Like this?” The blue eyes were sultry and Xander nodded frantically. The fingertips circled his most sensitive of areas and began to push against the hole, trying to gain entrance.


“Something else I remembered...I prepared you while we were playing--” His finger slipped in, one, then two. Xander gasped and whimpered, clinging to Spike for dear life. An aching, burning pleasure engulfed him, and the human trembled, mouthing the word, “More.” Spike wiggled the fingers, and used his other hand to wrap around the human’s shaft. He softly pumped his hand as he leaned in and bit the boy right above the nipple. Xander bucked and came instantly, Spike’s name pulled from him in a harsh shout.


The vampire scooped up the semen and coated his rigid cock with it. He positioned himself at Xander’s entrance and peered at the gasping human’s face. Brown wide eyes stared up at him. “Please. Do it.”


Spike pushed himself all the way in one steady stroke. //So hot, so tight, so good// He was losing himself in the sheer bliss of having this beautiful boy. Xander’s ragged cries mixed with pleas for more urged him on.


He leaned in to kiss the human, who moaned into his mouth as his thrusts got harder and deeper. Spike was gasping and groaning before he knew it. This moment could not be any more perfect.




Angelus stood mesmerized, staring into the sink. He had moved the coat so he could wash his face, but some of the broken vial bits had tumbled out of the pocket and there was that smell again...


He had enough brainpower left to know that he’d let loose a small pocket of the formula, but he didn’t care.


The vampire was contemplating the quickest way to destroy the planet--but first, he could start with destroying the sex-crazed maniacs in the other room. Growing hard, he headed toward the grunting pair, murder on his mind.


He was ready to destroy something beautiful, to rend, to tear--


//No sense in letting this go to waste. I can torture and kill them right after anyway// He situated himself directly behind his childe and grabbed William’s hips.








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