Bliss Took Hold 36
by Danielle


Willow was doing her happy dance, and Xander wanted to twirl with her.


“The chip should go back to normal with a few doses of this.” She pointed to the large jug that sat on the end table next to the couch. It had a pour spout at the bottom and next to it sat a matching jug full of water and a stack of paper cups. “Well, make that a lot of doses--but it’s a cure to the not-being-able-to-move problem!”


Tara pulled her back on track. “You remember the de-ionizing spell she used on Spike last year when the Initiative put that tracking device on him? This works on the same principle, only it combines magick and medicine.”


Willow cut in, “Yeah and all you do is fill one of these cups,” she plucked a small paper cup from the stack, “and mix two parts water for every one part solution. It has to be diluted right before drinking, see?” She demonstrated; then handed the mixture to Spike, who took his time in accepting the cup. If he moved very slowly, the chip didn’t go off.


He sipped experimentally; then smacked his lips. “Lemonade.  Nice work, girls!”


As he drained it, Xander noticed a change in him. The translucence in his skin disappeared, leaving the vampire his normal shade of white. A dopey grin settled across the vampire’s face, and Spike sat up for the first time since Xander drained him.


“Stuff hits harder than a case of JD!” the blonde said, and Xander watched--ready for disaster--as Spike stood up and stretched.


“Worked like a charm, Wills!” The mortal jumped up and spun Willow around the room, elated to have his vampire back. Giles and Tara watched the show with grins on their faces. Behind them, Buffy and Riley emerged from the kitchen, ready to make an announcement.







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