by Edibbea


"Xaaanderrr..." A soft voice, murmuring in his ear. "Time to wake up now."

Xander tried to bat the annoying voice away, but his arms wouldn't move.

"What the... Spike? What?" Xander was now very awake, and aware that he couldn't move - he appeared to be tied, spreadeagled, to the bed. And he was naked. Spike was sitting next to him on the bed, lightly stroking his chest.

"Spike! You... what the fuck are you doing? I'm gonna stake your ass so fast..."

"I know a secret," said Spike, in a sing-song voice. "I could smell it on, you know. But no-one else knows, do they? Did you really think I wouldn't smell the blood - or were you counting on me doing just that?" Spike continued stroking Xander's chest, his fingers circling his nipples again and again. Xander started struggling, pulling hard against the ropes that held him down.

"I don't know what the fuck you're talking about. And anyway, *fangless*, you can't do anything to me. Try anything and that chip will so fry your brain - so game over - you might as well untie me. The girls will come to find me if I don't show..."

"Shhh, pet." Spike put a finger on Xander's lips to stem the flow of words. His fingers moved to Xander's arm, and traced the many silvery lines there. One or two scars were still fresh. "At first, I thought you were just one of those sad fucks who cut themselves when they can't cope. But that's not it, is it?" He stared into Xander's eyes. Xander flinched and shut his eyes, shaking his head slightly as fear flooded through him. God, if he tells the girls...

"No! I mean no, I don't know what you're talking about." Don't panic, keep calm - he can't know anything really. Just... his touch... "And get your filthy hands off me!" Spike continued talking, as though Xander hadn't said a word.

"I figured it out, you see. You get off on it, don't you? The blood, and the pain - it really does it for you, eh whelp? But that's not all you want, is it?" Spike pressed hard on a partially-healed wound, splitting it open again, and Xander groaned. He felt his cock start to stir. 'Oh fuck no, not now...'

"See now, that should have hurt me a lot more that it would have hurt you - but you know what? Not a twinge. I knew it was only a matter of time before the Watcher dumped me on you, 'cos they all dump on you sooner or later, eh? So I waited, and planned my move. 'Cos I know what you want." Spike brought his lips to the wound, and sucked gently. Xander threw his head back, 'oh fuck, fuck...' His cock was growing hard. This can't be happening... As Spike continued to suck on the wound he worried the edges gently with his teeth to keep the blood flowing. Xander felt like he was losing his mind. He was now painfully hard, and his cock was dripping onto his stomach. Spike lifted his head to look at Xander, licking the blood from his lips. He bent his head again and licked the wound, this time to close it.

"I could smell the arousal coming off you in waves when the Watcher explained how Masters feed - how I feed. I could feel your eyes on me. Seduction." He drew the word out, savouring it. "It's an art form, Xander, a seduction. To make them want you so much they'll beg you to take them, in any way you want. To discover their deepest, darkest desires..." Spike brought his mouth to Xander's ear and whispered, "Do you want me to feed from you as I fuck you, Xander?"

A groan escaped Xander's lips as a bolt of pure arousal shot through him, causing him to buck again the restraints.

"Oh yes, you do, don't you? To feel my mouth around your cock; to feel my cock deep inside you. And the pain and the pleasure of my fangs in your neck..." The whispered words were driving Xander into a frenzy.

"On Jesus, Spike... Please..." Spike looked thoughtfully at Xander, then stood up and picked up a small, sharp knife he'd placed on the side-table. 'Oh fuck,' thought Xander, 'if he touches me with that I'm gonna come.' Spike walked around the bed and cut the ropes that were holding him. Xander lay there in shock, unmoving. Spike leant down and whispered in his ear again, "Oh, I will, Xander, I will. But I don't think you want it enough yet. I want you to think about this. And next time I won't need to tie you down, will I?" He spun around, grabbed his duster and headed for the door.

"Well, I've got to go. You know how it is, places to go, people to see." He looked Xander square in the eye. "And I will be back." With a grin, he opened the door and disappeared into the night.







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