NOBODY: Chapter One
by Trixx


Time seemed to pass slowly for Xander after seeing Spike. Hours inched by, crawling slowly out of the ditch of memories, broken only by the endless forays into the darkness searching for Spike. He could sometimes smell the acrid tang of his tobacco wafting on the air, but it always drifted away before he'd found the source. Weeks later, Xander finally gave up looking. Spike had probably left the city, gone far away from Buffy, somewhere he didn't have to remember, or at least that’s what Xander convinced himself.

Standing beside a stone gargoyle high above the city, cape fluttering behind him, Xander's face turned out towards the desolate city, the last rays of sunlight caressing the dull leather of his mask. The fading warmth crept across his skin beneath the leathers, the tickling fingers leaving cold determination in their wake. A shiver wracked Xander's body as he felt the day's warmth leaving him. Time to hunt.

Twenty stories high, Xander gracefully leapt into the air, jackknifing before flipping into a series of dizzying somersaults, his feet finally pointing down and arms extended as he seemed to drift lazily towards the ground, landing with a soft scrape of leather boots across gritty pavement, knees bending slightly to take the impact, before he continued walking down the alley. Smells surrounded him. Hopelessness, despair, sex... breathing deeply Xander inhaled the musky smell on the air. Prostitutes probably working not far from where Xander stood, the smell was too strong, too heavy on the air to be coming from a nearby building. Shaking his thoughts out of his head Xander felt himself tighten, focus, letting his senses move outward.

Head tilted back he swayed on his feet as his senses traveled along the gritty back alleyways, touching brick walls, garbage, fire escapes, windows, and people. Touching, caressing them, moving through them and past, searching for raised heart beats, the scent of fear, the trembling in their limbs. A broken cry filled the air as he touched on the scuffle happening a block away, his body shaking with the terror of the victim moving through him, his feet in motion before the last trembling note left the air.

Running through the dark alleys, feet making almost no noise on the pavement, hurrying towards the altercation, his fight. Leaping without a sound at the attacker, mind blank, letting his precognition guide him, his fists flew down in a flurry of blows. The demon being driven back against some old packing crates as Xander spun a kick at its head, hearing the crash and feeling the shower of dust fall over him like rain. Breathing heavily, Xander cursed the rapid end to the fight, not hearing the soft foot falls behind him. The scrape of worn leather Docs on cement as they came closer to the frightened woman and her savior.

Soft clapping filled the air, and Xander whirled around cape flying out around him before settling back around his legs. His senses reached out, stroking over the worn leather of the slim figure approaching, the sound of soft clapping still echoing loudly in the alley. Xander inhaled sharply taking in the stale smell of tobacco, leather, and blood. Spike.

Focusing on the situation, Spike walked to the distraught woman sitting on the ground in a pile of rubbish, her eyes on the ground as tears escaped her eyes. Small and fragile, she looked a little like Buffy when he'd first seen her dancing in the Bronze so many years ago. Just a girl. Kneeling down to her level he put his finger under her chin, feeling her start viciously away from him. "Hey now pet, none of that." Keeping his voice soothing he stroked a finger across one cheek then the other, wiping away her tears. "Up you go now," voice all gentle and soft, wafting over her in a soothing balm, holding her hands he helped her to stand. "Hurry on home now, go out to the main street and run all the way home." Watching her with keen eyes as she took off at a dead run for the streetlights up ahead and rounded the corner, never breaking her stride or looking back.

Taking a deep breath, Spike turned to face the masked avenger, who had been still and silent as death during the whole exchange. Looking closely, Spike tried to imagine what was going through the enshrouded figure’s mind. "Looks to me like that fight ended too quickly." Spike spoke quietly, watching and listening for any change, smiling slightly as he saw the violent twitch that was quickly subdued. "Want to give it a go then? Work off some energy?" Quickly moving into a loose fighting stance, Spike beckoned with a small movement of his fingers.

Xander stood still, facing in the general direction he knew Spike to be in. He could still smell him, hear the rustle of the duster as it moved about his legs, but Xander didn't move. He could hear Spike moving impatiently from one foot to the other, shifting his weight while he waited. Xander could almost hear the old western music playing in the background and he snorted inside the mask.

Spike sighed, letting his loose stance falter as he stood up straight, glaring at the leather clad figure. "What? You don't understand the universal sign language for 'Bring it on?' What are you, blind and stupid? Let’s dance, want to see what you're made of." With a low growl Spike leapt at Xander.

Xander struggled to control his hysterical giggles as he deflected the attack, staying on the defensive, protecting himself but not attempting to land even a single blow to Spike. Xander fought steadily, memorizing the way Spike's body moved, the agility, grace, passion in the way he fought. Shaking his head, Xander finally went on the offensive. Blow upon blow fell through Spike’s perimeter, landing solidly on his twisting form, and then he adapted.

The soft thud of blows landing on flesh echoed loudly in the alley, seeming to ricochet off the walls, nearly deafening Xander. His heart was beating a thousand miles an hour inside his ribcage, trying to get free of leather, flesh, and bone as they danced back and forth, a whirling dervish of limbs. Movements became faster, more blurred, frenzied as each fought to outdo the other. Spike’s fighting style moving fluidly from one to the next, over a hundred years of brawling, fighting, and winning coming to his aid as he was thwarted time and again, Xander seeming to know where he was going to move even before he himself did.

Xander took a deep breath and reached out to Spike, letting his senses wash over the lithe form matching his move for move, feeling the tenseness begin in the right side of the body as Spike prepared to kick with his left foot. Xander's foot shot out, knocking the right leg out from under Spike, a stake appearing in his hand and pressed to Spike's heart before he even hit the ground.

Spike blinked slowly up at the red and black leather-clad form leaning over him, the sharp wood digging into his pectoral muscle. A slow grin spread across his face as he held up his hands in supplication. "You got me mate. Now what are you going to do with me?" He drawled slow and husky. His body twitched against the stake, letting it pierce his flimsy cotton t-shirt, closing his eyes at the small bite of pain. His body hardened, erection becoming firm and constricted in his jeans, pressing harshly against the bite of the zip, moaning slightly at the added sensation.

"Leave you." Xander spoke harshly, his breath like smoke over the water. Turning abruptly on his heel, he ran down the alley, taking a leap into the air and grabbing the nearest fire escape, clambering up it and out of sight over the top of the building.

Spike took a deep breath, letting his head fall back on the pavement with a resounding thud. "Great Spike, proposition the poor bugger just cause he beat you. Now he's gonna think you like to get beat down." Spike grinned to himself. "Well, you do like getting beat down, but that doesn't mean you have to advertise it." Shaking his head to dispel the images of being beaten down and bent over the nearest hard surface by the imposing, leather-wearing avenger, Spike let out a low chuckle, before saying clearly, "Next time pet. Next time." Raising himself out of the trash and debris littering the cement, he brushed himself off, reached into a deep pocket, pulled out his smokes and lit one quickly with a shaking hand.

"Those things will kill you." Spoken so quietly but Spike heard, his head snapping up, his eyes taking in the black leather jacket, dark hair, chocolate brown eyes and small smirk curving the corner of the man’s mouth.


Anger and shame twisted Xander’s features as he peeled the leather down his arms, undressing until he was standing in his room naked, pale body marred with silvery scars gleaming in the lamplight filtering in his window. Taking deep breaths to calm himself, he began redressing for an evening out. It was time to lose himself once again.

Not bothering with underwear he slowly, methodically dressed in black Dickies, a black mesh shirt, leather gauntlets on his wrists, and big heavy punker boots on his feet. He went into the bathroom and quickly smeared khol around his useless eyes, completing the punk rocker look. A swift scan of the room, and he was heading out the door to the nearest local punk club. It was time to let go.

Not bothering with the long lineup outside the club, he stealthily made it in behind the doormen’s backs, and into the dense interior. Humidity clung to the air inside the club, sweat and sex making the atmosphere heavy and thick. Not bothering with picking out a target tonight Xander made his way out onto the dance floor into the thick crush of bodies. Hips swiveling with the beat he threw himself into the heavy pulsing beat of the music coming through the sound system.

Arms spread wide, feet moving surely with the beat, Xander threw his head back and inhaled deeply, hips grinding in place he let his senses spread out, taking in every nook and cranny in the entire club, skimming over the dancers, the couples having sex on the couches in the back, the guys fucking each other against the back walls, the girls getting it on in the bathroom, the staff moving surely through the club turning a blind eye to the lust dazed crowd. Xander felt his body react to the stimulation, becoming hot, hard, erect, wanting out of his pants, wanting play time. And still he danced, head now moving with the angry swell of music.

He sensed him first, the soft rustle of interest across his senses, minutes before he felt the hard cock press against his ass, the feel of hands sliding over his hips, grinding that erection into him. Xander pressed back, letting his unseen partner lead, grinding against him, hearing the groan echo deep in the man’s chest before he even made a sound. Heavy hand sliding around the front of his pants cupping his hardness before squeezing gently, over and over, working the head of his cock as the music changed tempo again. Fitting song, flitted briefly through Xander’s mind as the club filled with the opening strains of Stabbing Westward’s rendition of What Do I Have To Do, groaning as he felt his zip being lowered and his cock jumping out into the waiting hand.

Slowly the rough, calloused hand around his dick moved down to the base and back up, pumping him gently in time with the beat of the song, and Xander was lost. Hips grinding up into the hard fist surrounding him, head thrown back onto a strong shoulder, eyes closed in bliss as he let himself get lost in the sensations, let all the tension ease out of him, thrusting into that fist and fucking back on the cock rubbing against his ass, swaying his hips slightly to add more friction. Soft whispered words in his ear pulled him out of his daze.

”Bed, you on your knees, I’m gonna fuck you so hard and so deep you’ll feel like you’re choking on me.” Silky words whispered against his ear, lips brushing against the outer shell, and Xander was trembling in the man’s hands, wanting so badly to. Just. Let. Go.

”C’mon.” Tucking himself back into his pants, Xander reached blindly for the man's hand, feeling the tough skin slide against his own, catching on his skin before his fingers were squeezed roughly and he was led out of the club.

Once out in the cool night air, Xander breathed in deeply, taking in the man’s musky scent. “Where to?” Xander asked quietly, his voice a husky murmur in the sudden stillness.

Not bothering to reply, the man pulled Xander along the sidewalk by the hand before stopping abruptly and producing a set of keys. Opening a door on the side of a building, he drew Xander in after him, shutting the door firmly behind them, then Xander followed him down the stairs.

A small, dingy room awaited them at the bottom of the stairs, but Xander didn’t have time to appreciate it as without a word he was shoved against the wall, his mouth being attacked by his partner. No softness here, Xander thought, as his lips were viciously assaulted by lips, tongue and teeth, tearing and scraping at him until his mouth was soft and swollen.

Xander heard the other man’s zip go down and sank to his knees, taking the hot cock in his mouth and sucking him down hard and fast, not bothering with the finer aspects of giving head. Xander used no finesse at all, letting fingers tangle in his hair and relaxing his jaw as his face was fucked, his throat quickly becoming raw before the man came without uttering a sound.

Quickly pulled to his feet, zip lowered, pants pushed down around his knees, turned around and bent over something, a couch maybe, Xander heard the man spit into his fingers seconds before two buried themselves deeply in his ass. Pushing back onto the fingers Xander rubbed his cock against the rough fabric of whatever he was leaning over, listening as the man spit again onto his fingers, this time shoving three fingers in and twisting them around. Stars erupted inside Xander’s head as the man poked his prostate, but neither of them made a sound.

Hard cock replaced fingers in a hard brutal stab, filling Xander full with one perfect thrust. Frantic rutting, hard, pounding, fast, as the man behind him tore into him with abandon and Xander found himself wishing it was a bleach blonde menace with a soft leather duster, hard British accent and absolutely no tact tearing into him, so he kept his eyes closed. His hand gripping his hard length, Xander let himself imagine he could feel the cooler cock thrusting into him, that the man behind him wasn’t panting for air. Just for a little while Xander let himself imagine the possibilities.

With a startled jerk, his cum shot out over the back of the couch, staining the already smeared fabric as he felt the jet of cum inside him, the fingers bruising his hips as the thrusting got frantic, before his lover stabbed one last time deep inside and held there, riding out the last of his orgasm.

Xander let his head fall forward onto the rough cloth, one arm coming up to rest beside his head while he regained his breath, feeling the man give his hip a squeeze before pulling gently out of him. ”Want to tell me what you were doing in that place, Xander?”

Xander felt his breath catch in his throat at the sound of that voice. This is why I never completely let go, Xander thought as he turned around to face the man who’d just fucked him ten ways from Sunday.


"Those things will kill you." Spoken so quietly but Spike heard, his head snapping up, his eyes taking in the black leather jacket, dark hair, chocolate brown eyes and small smirk curving the corner of the man’s mouth.

Inhaling deeply Spike looked him up and down. “Don’t think I need to worry 'bout that much, you took care of that little problem for me a few years ago.” Smirking up into the now expressionless face, he let the smoke waft gently from his nose before straightening his duster. “You here for me, or just come searching for some random uglies to torture?”

Angel’s lips twitched as he looked Spike up and down. "Actually, yes.” Turning on his heel, coat flapping out around him, he stalked in the other direction, stopping when he’d gotten a few feet down the alley before speaking, “You coming?” Quite sure that Spike would follow along after him like a puppy at his heels, he resumed walking, only to pause when he realized Spike was still standing in the same spot he’d left him in. Turning slowly he gazed stone-facedly into Spike’s wary eyes. “Well?”

”Don’t know that I want to follow you. What do you want Peaches? I was having myself a lovely time down here with the dregs of society and then you come along all high and mighty. Need something? Try asking.” Turning and stalking in the opposite direction, coat twitching with his indignation.

”I need your help.” Soft words coming from the large forbidding figure standing stock still at the opposite end of the alley, but Spike heard them and stopped. Not turning, body rigid with tension, shoulders firm and back, head held high, his arm lifting to take another drag off his cigarette.

”You’re asking?” Cold words, issued from a stiff throat. “Since when do you ever bloody well ask me for anything, Peaches? You’ve always taken what you wanted whether I wanted to give it to you or not. Just spit it out, whatever you want, just say it and leave me in peace.” Taking out his pack of smokes he tapped one into his hand and lit it off the still glowing cherry of the previous one. Still rigid, not turning, refusing to give in.

”You’re right. I always take what I want, but this time… I need you to tell me Spike. The man you were talking to when I showed up, the one in the leathers with the face mask. Who was he?” Voice still soft, gently enquiring, seeking the information he’d come to collect. “He’s made a name for himself in the books at Wolfram and Hart. He could be… I need to know Spike. Whose side is he on?” Angel’s voice had gone hard with his own self-importance, needing to be the one who knew everything in this City of

Turning slowly to face Angel, separated by a few feet that seemed to go on for miles, Spike's face went cold. “None of your business who he is, he’s fighting the good fight just like you or me,” Spike paused as Angel snorted but continued on as if he hadn’t been interrupted, “leave him alone, Peaches. He’s just looking for a little… solace.” With a whirl of the duster he was gone, out of the alley and away from Angel, whose face had turned stormy.

Spike practically flew down the street in his frustration, boot soles slapping loudly on the pavement as he moved. “How dare that self-righteous prig come down here and start giving me orders. HE needs to know! What does he need to know. Nothing, poncy bugger’s got it all already. Why does he always need to take what’s mine!” Growling viciously Spike kicked at the door leading into his apartment building, stomping down the stairs into the basement to his little hovel. Using his key, he opened the door then slammed it shut. Rummaging in the fridge he took out a beer, twisted the top off and brought it to his lips, gulping in thick heavy swallows, draining it in seconds and grabbing another one before he shut the door.

Moving quickly into the corner where he kept his clothes, he set the beer down on the floor and undressed, redressing just as hurriedly in his best pair of jeans and his only other black t-shirt before re-donning the duster. Grabbing the beer hastily off the floor he downed it the same way he had the first. Snagging his keys, he set the bottle on the table and left the apartment as quickly as he’d come, locking the door behind him.

Making his way out of the apartment building into the crowded streets of a hot
L.A. night, he traveled slower now, his anger a low simmering boil. Seeing a familiar face heading into a club across the street he crossed and slid in behind the doorman. Scenting the air, his body hardened at the smells of sex, lust, and overindulgence. He was gonna like it here. Making his way to the bar, he ordered a bottle of Jack before turning back to watch the dancing crowd.

His eyes widened at the sight before him. Pale scarred limbs raised in supplication as hips thrust and gyrated to the beat, Spike felt his throat catch, his cock harden, his stomach drop to his knees. The night was looking up after all.

Taking the liquor from the bartender he proceeded to drink straight from the bottle, in this crowd nobody was gonna notice. Walking silently along the edge of the dance floor as he chugged back the booze, letting his eyes roam over the tight figure of the man dancing a mere few feet away. He’d grown up in so many ways since he’d last seen him. The boy he'd known was no more, in his place was a wildly gyrating, hip-thrusting, sexy, intoxicating man.

Spike looked with a long slow glide from the tips of the shoes all the way up to the face. Looks like he’d gotten new eyes, they almost looked real unless you knew that they couldn’t be. Softly curling black hair fell in soft waves over his sweaty brow, sticky with heat and moisture. Spike’s eyes were once again drawn to his hips, and he couldn’t tear his eyes away. Leaning against a pillar in the middle of the club, swigging his sour mash, he felt hot and flushed… he had to taste, had to touch.

Moving up behind the dancing figure he pressed his aching cock against the firm ass in front of him, rubbing gently back and forth, groaning loudly as the backside thrust into him, pressing more firmly.

Spike pressed his hand down hard sliding around the front of his partner cupping his hardness before squeezing gently, over and over, working the head of the cock as the music changed tempo again. He could hear him moaning as he lowered the zip and the hot heavy cock jumped out into his waiting hand.

Slowly rough calluses on his hand scraped around the dick, moving down to the base and back up, pumping gently in time with the beat of the song, and he knew he had him. Hips grinding up into his hard fist, head thrown back onto his shoulder, eyes closed in bliss as the man surrendered, let all the tension ease out, thrusting into his fist and fucking back on his cock trapped in the confining denim, swaying his hips slightly to add more friction. ”Bed, you on your knees, I’m gonna fuck you so hard and so deep you’ll feel like you’re choking on me.” Silky words whispered on a single breath, lips brushing against the outer shell, and he felt the capitulation.

”Let's go.” Tucking himself back into his pants, Xander reached blindly for his hand, feeling the tough skin slide against his own, catching his skin before his fingers were squeezed roughly and he was led out of the club.


Xander felt his breath catch in his throat at the sound of that voice. This is why I never let go, Xander thought as he turned around to face the man who’d just fucked him ten ways from Sunday.

“Hey Spike.” Xander mumbled through bite swollen lips.

Raising one sardonic brow Spike leaned in and trailed a finger gently down Xander’s cheek. “That’s it? Thought what with your mouth you’d have something better than ‘Hey Spike.’” A gentle curve of his lip and Spike’s eyes were taking in the sightless ones in front of him. “How about… I was out for a walk and someone dragged me inside… or, the girls were busy tonight and I just needed to blow off some steam… how ‘bout anything other than, ‘Hey Spike,’” finger running softly over the swollen lips as he leaned forward and placed a kiss on Xander’s mouth.

Refusing to answer, Xander pressed against the hard body in front of him, the slick skin of their abdomens sliding together as their cocks lengthened and filled, hot mouth on a slightly cooler one, tongues dueling, the kiss getting deeper until Xander felt as if he was falling into it, losing himself. This was why he did this, the feeling of being lost, even if only for a little while. His warm calloused hands slid up the soft fabric of Spike’s t-shirt, sliding around the muscled neck as his fingers slid into the silky strands of hair, cupping the back of his head drawing him closer, trying to drown himself in the kiss.

Spike broke the kiss first, pulling away with a soft gasp of air, strong firm hands coming up to hold Xander by his shoulders as he tried to resume the kiss. “Distraction?” Spike’s voice was heavy with amusement as his laughing eyes searched the lust slackened features in front of him.

”Yep, can I continue to distract you now? Or would you like to talk some more and ruin the moment?” Xander spoke softly, voice husky from harsh panting only moments before, thick with need and want, hands still cupping the back of Spike’s head.

”Oh by all means, distract away,” Spike broke off as Xander leaned into him, moist lips slightly parted, “but so you know, I mean to find the answers out sooner or later.” Spike spoke the last words against the firm mouth now attached to his as he resumed their kiss and sank everything he had in it, tasting the desperation in the other man’s mouth.

Gasping as one cool hand traveled down the length of his body to grab his throbbing cock, firm strong grip as he was slowly stroked making him gasp, moan, and shudder against the hard body holding him captive against the couch. “Spike,” Xander whispered, “fuck me again? Make it hurt?” Hands fluttering uselessly on Spike’s back, in his hair, hot dark flush staining his cheeks as he spoke the words, voice calm and steady even on the low brush of sound.

Leaning back slightly Spike searched the face in front of him, looking for… something, anything to tell him what the boy was thinking. No. Not a boy, the man in front of him was thinking. Without a sound, he propelled Xander around to face the couch again, filling him once more with one powerful stroke, the passage still slick and stretched from his previous entry. He held onto Xander’s shoulders for leverage, thrusting hard and swift as he pummeled the body, making the ache grow inside him, until at last, without a touch or a sound, Xander erupted against the back of the couch.

Spike slowed his thrusting down, giving the panting human time to recover, listening to the breathing slow to normal before he began again, body arching, legs bending as he used his considerable force to propel himself into Xander, knocking the air from his lungs and making his arms give out. Sprawled over the back of the couch, head hanging down, feet barely touching the floor, Xander let himself drift, soaring on the sensations radiating outwards from his crotch and ass, the rough upholstery abrading his cock on each sharp glide in, the burn from Spike’s cock as he was stretched wide and hard, riding on the very edge, until he broke.

Screaming loud and hoarsely he gave a half hearted attempt at ejaculation before collapsing completely, supine over the back of the sofa as Spike moaned behind him and his hips snapped once, twice, three times before holding still against him. Barely able to lift his head when he felt soft lips graze the back of his neck.

“Go to sleep, I’ll wake you in the morning.” And with that Xander promptly lost consciousness. Shaking his head ruefully he pulled out and lifted Xander gently in his arms, moving swiftly to the bed and placing him on it. Slowly he undressed the body before him, taking in the bruises and scars, Spike put it down to Xander’s natural clumsiness being made worse by the blindness.

”What happened to you Harris.” Voice soft, so as not to wake him, Spike took in the pale form. Hard and strong, not an ounce of fat on him anywhere, a man’s body, to be sure. Kissing Xander’s forehead, Spike slipped out of his own clothes and climbed into the bed to wait for the morning, when he could question Xander again.

Closing his eyes for a moment he slipped into sleep, curling tighter around the man beside him.


Xander slowly swam upward in the darkness, the lazy arms of sleep curled around him, fogging his brain as his eyelids fluttered. The first thing to register was the still form lying against him, warm and wrapped around him like a living breathing blanket. The second thing to register was that his living breathing blanket wasn’t actually breathing. Eyes shooting wide open, he let his senses out in a rush, taking in his surroundings and checking the body beside him. When he realized it was a vampire he sat there puzzled for a moment as to why he was in bed with a body instead of their dust, it was the morning after the night before; that was always how he took care of his undead bed mates.

Senses twisting around the figure lying next to him, gentle exploratory touches as he tried to puzzle out the situation, receiving no information other than it was a male and that he had a slighter build than he did himself. Growing frustrated Xander plunged his senses into the body, taking it over, feeling it from the inside out, and gasped as memory overwhelmed him. It was Spike. Who was now jumping out of the bed like a scalded cat.

”What the bloody hell was that!” Searching the room frantically, hair standing up on one side of his head, pale and nude standing in the middle of the room, Spike looked like a sleepy cat that had been disturbed in the middle of its afternoon nap. Seeing nothing he sat back down on the bed and buried his face in his hands, wiping away the sleep with agitation.

”Sorry. Didn’t mean to wake you, just wasn’t sure where I was when I first woke up.” Xander spoke softly, nimble fingers reaching out to stroke a line down Spike’s back. “Come back here and go back to sleep.” Voice low and husky, he tried to coax Spike back into the bed.

”I’m awake now.” Spike’s own voice came out rough and hoarse, thick with sleep. Belying his words he lay down, wrapping himself around Xander, laying his head down on the firm chest with the steady thump, thump, thump. “You goin’ back to sleep?” Spike's voice caused a low rumble through Xander’s chest, making his groin tighten and ache.

”Yah, worn out, sleep with me please?” Husky murmur whispered into platinum blonde locks, pressing a kiss to the top of Spike’s head.

”Tell me what that was… Xander,” words mumbled softly into the salty warm skin beneath his lips, tongue flicking out to taste, “Tell me why I felt like someone else was in my body, then you can sleep.” Bringing his hand up, he stroked down the muscled abdomen, feeling the tenseness in the way the muscles jumped under his seeking fingers.

Sighing quietly, Xander slowly stroked his hand down Spike’s back, gently cupping the rounded curve of Spike’s ass. “I’m blind Spike. I had to learn how to see someway. There’s too many creatures out there that would like to take a bite out of some poor helpless schmuck, but it’s not gonna be me.” Pressing his lips once again into Spike’s hair, he murmured almost thoughtlessly, “So Willow helped me…” Trailing off as his finger found the cleft of Spike’s ass, trailing down gently, a barely there touch against the small hairs had Spike shivering in his arms, grinding his erection against his hip. “Again?” Xander breathed out as he felt the hardness leave a wet trail across his hip.

Pushing sharply back out of Xander’s arms and rolling to a standing position beside the bed, Spike glared. “Not that easy luv, not anymore. You either tell me what the hell that was, or you can get the hell out. Don’t give me some cock and bull story about
Willow cookin’ up a spell. Red’s not that stupid, she’d try to lock you up before she performed any more mojo on you after that whole every sodden slayer in the world crap. Took her months to come down from that high…” Trailing off at the closed off expression on Xander’s face, he took a deep breath and continued, “We all know that Red loves you, but you’re lying and I know it, so just fess up, what was that?” Looking down impatiently, irritation loud and harsh in his voice, Spike stood still and waited for an answer.

Getting slowly off the bed and feeling around the room for his clothes, Xander didn’t utter a word. Carefully dressing so as not to fall, Xander finally turned back to the still naked and motionless Spike. “Thanks for the fuck, it’s been… fun.” Turning around he strode to the door and disappeared out into the sunny hallway, slamming the door behind him.

”Well fuck, don’t that beat all, Harris finally got himself a pair of brass knackers.” Sighing, Spike tiredly swiped his hand across his face, “Fuck it, it’s too early in the morning to deal with this shit.” Tiredly he climbed back into the bed, pulling the covers up over his head wishing he could fall asleep

Out on the street, Xander leaned back against the door to the building, letting his senses move outwards as he tried to figure out the best way to get home. Shaking his head at his reaction to Spike’s questions, he should have known he wouldn’t be able to lie to him. He’d never been able to before. Stepping down onto the sidewalk, Xander moved to the curb and hailed a taxi, scrambling inside and giving his address before leaning against the seat and closing his eyes.

”Must have been one hell of a night.” The cab driver spoke casually over his shoulder.

”What makes you say that?” Xander’s voice came out tired and drawn.

”The love bite on your neck says that you got some, and the haggard look on your face says that you haven’t slept much.” Xander could hear the laughter in the man’s voice, making the corner of Xander’s lips turn up in a nasty smirk.

”Yah, he wore me out, fucked me into the carpet and then back again. My mouth’s a little sore from sucking his cock though, mind if we cut the chit chat?” Voice husky and smooth, Xander leaned back once more in the deafening silence of the cab, smirk falling from his lips like rain. He hated nosey people.


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