World Peace by piratepurple

Naughty by AngstPuppy

Snow Thoughts by sablerose2

Merry Christmas From The Family by Werewindle

Holiday by Werewindle

Coming Home by mygothangel

In A What? by Chess

Stockings Hung With Care by Liz

A Christmas Claim by CaliaDragon

Holiday Beginnings by Kylia

A Tight Hold by Waide

Xander's Gift (Part One) by Saifai

Xander's Gift (Part Two) by Saifai

Home For Christmas by Scarlettbaby

The 104th Use For Tinsel by Werewindle

Seven Christmases by piratepurple

Blood and Chocolate - A Spander Christmas by Anne

Doing Christmas by Lazuli

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